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The diversity between human beings is the thing that make each one of us unique and special. Disability is just one kind of diversity. Respect of rights of people with disability is part of the respect that each human deserve. Unfortunately this is still not so much obvious.

Even in countries where rights of disabilities are formally considered, they are not always granteed. For example in Italy the basic right to education is not granteed to anyone due to lack of teachers dedicated to students with special needs.

It is a good sign that, in the year of 30th anniversary of the convention about children rights, on the international day for the rights of people with disabilities the city council of Genoa approve a decision about toy parks those can promote inclusion. This is for sure an example that should be followed by every other institution, buti t is not enought.

Every country should sign, ratify and respect the international convention for rights of people with didability. Every country, every institution, every group or individual should recognise in every disabler people a resource for the society like the President of the Italian Republic said.

The President
Francesco Ristori Monaco