November 25th 2019

In the Assembly that allowed the Observatory to start again its activicty by voting the new Board, i wanted to delegate the matters connected with gender equality because, considering the importance of this topic, i thought necessary to have someone who could handle it dedicating more time, commitment and energy than what I could do as president of the observatory who had to care about many different topics.

Despite the fatct that I delegated the member of board Gaia Carmilla, I want anyway to be the one who has to say something, on behalf of the Observatory, in the International Day for the elimination of violence agains women. Infact, I think that this is a day in wich mostly men should do something, being cristal clear that it is needed a common commitment if we want to solve this problem.

In my opinion it is not just by chance that United Nations are struggling in many different ways to do something and end this from a very long time without succed. It was in 1979 that was approved the Conventio of Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. From that moment on, United Nations took several steps about this topic, and even the resolution 54/134 on February 7th 2000 to  adopt this day on November 25th each year.

The key of this has been put in evidence by the UN Secretary General Guterres in the message for today by saying that sexual violence agains women and girls is rooted in centuries of male domination.

Violence agains women is not only matter of rape and sexual assault, but what we can refer to a specific sector of this, we can refer generally speaking to every sector of this violence: it is especially about a cultural issue, that is very difficult to erase being very rooted in the deep of ourself.

First step to moove forward is to admit that some propaganda, used in particular by sovranists, is totally false: unfortunately the matteri s not out of our society, it is not a phenomenon that is coming to our citiies and houses with the immigration; it is a matter that has no territorial borders, it goes through every border and it is part of our society and our communities.

When we will start to admit this, a reality that is far more terrible than the one we are ready to recognise, we will can and have to raise all together, men and women to say stop, anyone in its small or big role in our society, doing his/her part to push to a quicker evolution of our culture, an evolution that should already be completed from a long time.

During the assembly of the observatory i mentioned at the beginning, we told to each other that will be importantsend the messages of the observatory even using videos in consideration of the social society where we are. In this case, anyway, i will just send a written message with the things i have to say. I believe it is very important, talking about videos, that everyone watch and listen to the message of the Excutive Director of UN Women that will be posted in every channell of the observatory today and that i hope that members, friends or simply visitors will watch and hear from the beginning to the end.

The President
Francesco Ristori Monaco